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Wardrobe Solutions

Wardrobe Tips

Maintain and improve the fit and function of your wardrobe without setting foot near a needle and thread.

Wardrobe optimization, preservation and repair

Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

  • We ask a lot from our wardrobe. And even the most seasoned seamstress never knows when they’ll need to mend or altar clothing on the go. By applying our expertise to fabrics, our easy to use, no-sew wardrobe solutions put you in total control. Perfect the fit and function of garments by avoiding strap slips with Scotch™ Essentials Hold Tight Strap Clips, covering itchy tags with Scotch™ Essentials Tag Comfort Covers, and easily altering hemlines with either Scotch™ Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips or Adjustable Hem Tape.

  • Repair malfunctions in seconds with Scotch™ Essentials Easy Fix Buttons and Wardrobe Tape Strips. And preserve beloved garments with the Scotch™ Essentials Sweater Pill Remover. Our skin-friendly wardrobe adhesives won’t damage fabrics or leave sticky residue, and conveniently fit in any purse or bag.

  • Refresh Your Favorite Sweater

    Refresh Your Favorite Sweater

    Pilling is a fact of life. When the shorter and weaker fibers within yarn break down they tend to curl together causing those pesky bumps that keep woolens and knits from looking like new. But the Scotch™ Essentials Sweater Pill Remover allows you to brush away pills in seconds, restoring the pristine appearance and preventing against damage from snagging those fuzz-balls. It’s designed to fit easily in a purse or small bag and it works on more than just sweaters. Improve the look of coats, knits, fleece, cashmere and even household fabrics like curtains, table runners, pillowcases and sheets.

Fit Your Hemline to Your Shoes

Fit Your Hemline to Your Shoes

  • Easily, and reversibly, adjust your hemline with Scotch™ Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape. There’s no reason the perfect pair of pants shouldn’t adapt to meet your needs.

  • Move your hem down for heels or up for flats without cutting or sewing a stitch. It won’t damage fabric, or leave residue.

  • Great for Household Fabrics

    Great for Household Fabrics

    There’s no need to risk ruining curtains, table runners, pillow cases or other fabrics around the house. Scotch™ Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips work on more than clothing, and there’s no need to sew through heavy fabrics. Hem tape is also a great way to preserve older hemlines that may have begun to fray.

  • Growing Up with Hem Tape

    Growing Up with Hem Tape

    Kids grow up fast. Scotch™ Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape allows you to stay one step ahead. Extend the life of pants and skirts by buying longer garments than what your child needs. You can easily lower the hem as they grow without damaging clothes. It’s a convenient and economical way to keep your kid looking good.

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